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  • 1805 59th Foot, later 2nd East Lancashires, lands at Madras after a 10-month voyage from England, during which it had been diverted to take part in the capture of Cape Town from the Dutch
  • 1880 2nd Afghan War. 59th Regiment (soon to be 2nd East Lancashires) in brigade action to clear 4000 Afghans from a series of walled enclosures at Urzoo. Regiment suffers no loss in this, its last major engagement of the war.
  • 1943 Tunisia. 1st Loyals suffer heavy casualties and Commanding Officer is killed in hard-fought battle for the heavily-fortified Gueriat-el-Atach feature. Lieutenant Willward Sandys-Clarke wins a posthumous VC. The sole surving officer of his company, and although wounded in the head, he single-handedly takes out several machine-gun nests, but is killed when attempting the same feat against 2 sniper posts.
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Welcome to the website of the Lancashire Infantry Museum, the largest Regimental archive and the premier centre for military historical research in the North of England.

The Museum is housed in the heart of Lancashire,  in the traditional home of the old county infantry regiments in Fulwood Barracks, Preston.

We preserve for posterity the achievements, records and artefacts of those historic infantry regiments of Lancashire which now form part of The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, created in 2006 by the amalgamation of The Kings Own Royal Border, Kings and Queen’s Lancashire Regiments. We are also proud to be officially responsible for collecting and collating historical material relating to the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment itself.

In all we cherish the heritage of  120 separate units, including the 59 battalions formed by our antecedent Lancashire regiments during the First World War,  and all associated  Militia, Rifle Volunteers, Territorials, Home Guard and Cadet units.

 The Antecedent Regiments

The East Lancashire Regiment ( 30th and 59th of Foot) The South Lancashire Regiment ( 40th and 82nd of Foot)  The Queen’s Lancashire Regiment The Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Volunteers) The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) ( 47th and 81st of Foot)