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1704 War of the Spanish Succession. Anglo-Dutch fleet under Admiral George Rooke, in which detachments of Saunderson’s Regiment (later 30th Foot and then 1st East Lancashires) are serving as Marines, completes the capture of Gibraltar from Spain. The Rock is then ceded to Britain when the Peace of Utrecht brings the war to an end in 1713.
During the morning, German troops invade neutral Belgium. At 2 pm Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey instructs the British Ambassador in Berlin to tell the German Government that unless an assurance to respect Belgian neutrality is received by midnight Central European Time (11 pm in Britain), a state of war would exist between the two countries. At 7 pm the 1st East, 2nd South, and 1st Loyal North Lancashire Regiments are ordered to mobilise and prepare to deploy to France as part of the British Expeditionary Force - the Old Contemptibles. At 10.45 pm the King convenes the Privy Council in Buckingham Palace for the purpose of authorising the declaration of war. They wait until 11 pm, and when Big Ben strikes the hour, the country is at war. The vast crowd which has gathered outside Buckingham Palace cheers wildly. 
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The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment

The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment
King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum, Lancaster
Border & King’s Own Border Regiment Museum, Carlisle
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Museums Affiliated to The Lancashire Infantry Museum

Blackburn Museum Items and information relating to the East Lancashire Regiment
Towneley Hall, Burnley Items and information relating to the East Lancashire Regiment
Warrington Museum Items and information relating to the South Lancashire Regiment


Sites of Special Regimental Interest

The Accrington Pals The story of the 11th (Service) Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment, better known to history as “The Accrington Pals,” has come to represent the tragedy of all the WWI Pals Battalions.
Carole Divall Carole has made a special study of the 30th Regiment of Foot in the Napoleonic Wars. There is no better source of information on the regiment at that time.
Colonial Re-Enactment Society & 40th Regiment of Foot A re-enactment society based in Melbourne, Australia, which has researched and published a wealth of material relating to the 40th Foot’s time in Australia and New Zealand in the mid-19th Century
Chorley Pals Memorial Dedicated to the memory of the Chorley Pals (Y Company, 11th (Service) Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment – the Accrington Pals)
8th East Lancashire Regiment Dedicated to the memory of the 8th (Service) Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment
Preston Pals War Memorial Dedicated to the memory of the Preston Pals (D Company, 7th (Service) Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, and the creation of a Memorial in their memory on Preston Station.
The Wrecking of the Sea Horse, Lord Melville & Boadicea The Regiment’s greatest tragedy, when 510 men, women and children from the our antecedent regiments, the 59th and 82nd Foot, lost their lives in three shipwrecks on the Irish coast in 1816. Ivan Fitzgerald, of Dublin, has studied the disaster for many years, and reports his findings here.


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Army Museums Ogilby Trust
National Army Museum


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The Fusilier Museum, Bury Tells the story of The Lancashire Fusiliers
Cheshire Military Museum, Chester Represents the regiments of Cheshire
Imperial War Museum North, Manchester  



National Archives Records relating to all regiments. Some personnel records, medal rolls, war diaries etc
Commonwealth War Graves Commission Records for every serviceman killed in either WWI or WWII
North East Medals – Medals of the Regiments Individual regimental histories by campaign and battle honour


World War I

The Long , Long Trail Excellent information on all aspects of the British Army in WWI

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