This Day in History: 1755-03-30

As fears of a French invasion grow, Lord Loudon’s Regiment (later 30th Foot and then 1st East Lancashires) is approaching Liverpool, having sailed from Dublin FOUR DAYS before( today the voyage takes about 8 hours)  in two transports.  Corporal William Todd records that the wind became so violent that his vessel, with double-reefed mainsail, helm lashed, anchors out and distress signals hoisted, was driven towards the Welsh coast. ‘The other ship, with half our Regiment, struck upon the sand about two leagues from Leverpool’ (i.e. near Formby Point), ‘but as the tide went out she became dry & the men forded out’. Todd’s own ship was eventually boarded by a pilot who ‘steer’d us chock into the harbour of Leverpool, where we all landed safe’.