This Day in History: 1916-11-15

In one of the final actions of the Battle of the Somme, 8th East Lancashires and 10th Loyal North Lancashires attack side by side near Beaumont Hamel in the battle of the Ancre, but fail with severe casualties, many of which were caused by inaccurate British artillery fire. Officer casualties were particularly heavy – at least 6 from the Loyals and no less than 10 from the East Lancs, one of whom, 2/Lt Eddie Fisher, was only just 17 years old. He was probably the youngest officer killed in any of our regiments in WWI. After being handed a white feather by a woman on Wandsworth Common, he had lied about his age, and probably forged his father’s and Headmaster’s signatures, to join up not long after his 16th birthday