This Day in History: 1759-09-13

Battle of Quebec. Two of our regiments, the 40th and 47th (later 1st South Lancashires and 1st Loyals respectively), fight in one of the great decisive battles of history. The Grenadier Company of the 40th forms part of a composite corps styled the Louisbourg Grenadiers. And on the Plains of Abraham, in an action which has gone down in legend, the 47th stands in the centre of the line facing the oncoming French army. The Louisbourg Grenadiers, led by General Wolfe himself, are on the flanks. With a single devastating musket volley, followed by a bayonet charge, the future of North America is decided in less than 15 minutes. Celebrated to this day as a Regimental Day by the 47th and its successors, whose officers wear a thin line of black in their lace in memory of General James Wolfe, killed at the moment of victory.