This Day in History: 1800-09-08

Following the French capitulation which ends the Siege of Valetta, Malta, the Grenadier company of the 30th Foot (later 1st East Lancashires), marches into the city. They halt in close column in the main street. They remain there while the 4,000-strong Garrison lays down its arms, and then take charge of them. Three years later, prize money from the sale of captured French property is paid to the officers and men of the 30th.  Field officers receive £845-11s-6d (£88,833 in 2020), captains £90-7s-6d (£9,462), subalterns £43-4s-6d (£4,520), sergeants £18-10s-6d (£1,997), and ‘rank and file’ £3-0s-6d (£315) each