This Day in History: 1816-01-30

In a disastrous storm 3 troopships carrying men and their families from the 2/59th, and 82nd Regiments (later the 2nd East Lancashires and 2nd South Lancashires respectively) are wrecked off the Irish coast. The troopship Sea Horse goes aground in Tramore Bay with 12 officers and 264 men of the 2nd/59th, veterans of the Peninsula and Waterloo campaigns, together with 33 women and 38 children; only 4 officers and 23 men make it to the shore. The Lord Melville, with the rest of the Regiment, goes ashore under the Head of Kinsale, with a further 12 lives lost, but thanks to masterly seamanship by her captain, some 430 are saved. The transport Boadicea, carrying a large part of the 82nd, also Peninsula veterans, is also wrecked on the Head of  Kinsale. Three officers, 157 men, 10 women and 17 children are drowned. The 2nd/30th Foot is also caught up in this storm but is lucky to make the Cove of Cork. The total loss of life in this catastrophe, 510, was greater than has been suffered in any battle in the Regiment’s long history.