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1704 War of the Spanish Succession. Anglo-Dutch fleet under Admiral George Rooke, in which detachments of Saunderson’s Regiment (later 30th Foot and then 1st East Lancashires) are serving as Marines, completes the capture of Gibraltar from Spain. The Rock is then ceded to Britain when the Peace of Utrecht brings the war to an end in 1713.
During the morning, German troops invade neutral Belgium. At 2 pm Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey instructs the British Ambassador in Berlin to tell the German Government that unless an assurance to respect Belgian neutrality is received by midnight Central European Time (11 pm in Britain), a state of war would exist between the two countries. At 7 pm the 1st East, 2nd South, and 1st Loyal North Lancashire Regiments are ordered to mobilise and prepare to deploy to France as part of the British Expeditionary Force - the Old Contemptibles. At 10.45 pm the King convenes the Privy Council in Buckingham Palace for the purpose of authorising the declaration of war. They wait until 11 pm, and when Big Ben strikes the hour, the country is at war. The vast crowd which has gathered outside Buckingham Palace cheers wildly. 
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Lectures Video Archive

 The Friends of the Lancashire Infantry Museum run a popular programme of Study Evenings, many of which are now available to watch on-line.

To access our on-line video archive, please click on the relevant  talk description in the entries below.

These videos are recorded and produced through the very generous support of Mr Gary Cunliffe, of The Yellow Factory, Preston

19 October 2018 – TERRITORIAL GUNNERS AT WAR and THE BIRTH OF THE CWGC – Terry Dean tells the story of the 1st West Lancashire Brigade Royal Field Artillery through WWI. David Rogan relates the remarkable account of how the noble undertaking which became the Imperial War Graves Commission, later the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, first came into being
13 July 2018 – DUNKIRK – Three talks about the great Dunkirk evacuation. David Rogan looks at the German perspective. John Downham describes the British retreat to the beaches, and the gallant parts played by all our antecedent regiments Roger Goodwin examines the much misunderstood but critical role played by the RAF.   To watch the full programme  click here.
8 June 2018 – D DAY 6TH JUNE 1944 – Talks  by David Rogan and John Downham on the preparations for and execution of the greatest invasion in history, with special reference to the critical parts played by our antecedent regiments and their wartime off-shoots.  In partnership with the Lancashire branch of ABF The Soldier’s Charity. This is a very long video. Please allow time for your browser to load, and make yourselves comfortable.
23 March 2018 – 1918 THE YEAR OF VICTORY – Talks by David Rogan, who outlines the Kaiserschlacht, the great German offensive of March 1918, and John Downham, who details the magnificent 100-day campaign by the British Army which followed, and led to ultimate victory. In partnership with the Lancashire branch of ABF The Soldier’s Charity. This is a 2-hour video. Make yourselves comfortable
27 October 2017 – THE MALAYAN EMERGENCY 1948-60 –  Talks by John Downham who outlines the campaign and David Rogan who considers the pivotal role of ex-Loyals officer Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer. More importantly, and in a first for the Museum, veterans of 1st Loyals tour of duty in the late 1950’s recount their experiences in their own words.
7 July 2017 – OPERATION MARKET GARDEN 1944 AND THE BATTLE FOR THE CORRIDORTwo talks by John Downham, The ill-fated airborne attempt to go “a bridge too far” and the Battle of Arnhem; and the operation to support XXX Corps’ drive up ‘Hell’s Highway.’  Two of our antecedent regiments had hard fights in this little-known aspect of a famous failure. These talks supplement ‘Bosch Rose,’ the Friends 2017 Battlefied Tour to the Netherlands.
19 May 2017 – MESSINES AND THIRD YPRES (PASSCHENDAELE) 1917 – In this Centenary year John Downham and David Rogan study these two pivotal battles, including the living hell that was Passchendaele, the mud-mired morass which, with the Somme, has so much come to represent the very worst horrors of the Western Front.
In partnership with Lancashire Branch of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. This is a 2-hour film. Make yourself comfortable!
31 March 2017 – THE 38th (LANCASHIRE) BRIGADE IN MESOPOTAMIA 1914-1918Mesopotamia Campaign expert Major Paul Knight tells the story of the Lancashire men who fought their way from Basra to Baghdad and beyond, including the epic crossing of the Diyalah River – Lancashire’s own “Rorke’s Drift.”
9 September 2016 – GIBRALTAR & THE PENINSULAR WAR IN SOUTHERN SPAINA talk by John Downham and Carole Divall  examining the capture of Gibraltar and the later conflicts in Spain during the early 19th century Napoleonic period. Looking at the French invasion of Andalusia in 1810 it also includes detailed information about the sieges of Gibraltar, The Siege of Cadiz, The Battle of Barrosa and The Defence of Tarifa. Preparatory study evening for Spanish Rose III, our Friends of the Museum battlefield tour for 2016
This is a 2 hour film. Please give time to load if your internet is gas powered !
10 June 2016 – SOLDIERS AT SEA – Three talks on the part played by the oceans in the story of our regiments. Part 1John Downham on regimental service as Marines. Part 2 – Roger Goodwin on the Greatest Tragedy – the wrecking of the Sea Horse, Boadicea and Lord Melville. Part 3 – John Downham on the ships that for over a century carried our regiments to all corners of the world
6 May 2016 – MONTY’S MENTORTerry Dean tells the story of Major General James Walter Sandilands – “Sandy” – the WWI Lancashire Brigade commander who taught Monty his trade.
8 April 2016 – THE SOMMEIn its centenary year, John Downham tells the story of the epochal battle which haunts Britain to this day. Part 1   and   Part 2.  In partnership with Lancashire Branch of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity
20 March 2015 – WATERLOOCarole Divall on “The Hundred Days” – Napoleon’s escape from Elba and events leading up to the Battle; and John Downham – Battle Perspectives
20 February 2015 – WAR OF THE SPANISH SUCCESSION – John Downham talks about the antecedent regiments in Spain, and David Rogan on Marlborough’s great victories in Flanders