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1758 30th Foot (later 1st East Lancashires) sails from Spithead as part of an amphibious force detailed to raid and destroy the port of Cherbourg.
1857 2 Companies (117 officers and men) of the 59th Foot (later 2nd East Lancashires), embark at Singapore for Calcutta, India, where the Mutiny has broken out. Survivors of the wreck of their transport HMS Transit, they had been in Singapore for 6 days, awaiting onward transportation to their Regiment in Hong Kong, when they were diverted.  
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Chairman’s Annual Report 2015

Friends of the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment

Lancashire Infantry Museum

Report to the Annual General Meeting Thursday 10th December 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the AGM of the Friends for 2015.

I will start by taking this opportunity to thank all my colleagues on the committee for their support and input throughout the year.

As a consequence of the support given by the Management Committee a full programme of events was run throughout the year at the Museum complemented by this year’s Battlefield Tour to Belgium.

For 2016 we have what we trust will be another full program of events with our Battlefield Tour heading for Southern Spain to conclude a series of trips encompassing the Napoleonic period in the Peninsula.

We hope you will be satisfied with our program but, as always, if anyone has any suggestions please let the Committee know what they are.

As you are all aware the main purpose of the Friends is to supply support and assistance to the Museum. This is mainly in the form of financial grants with monies raised from our talks and Battlefield tours. This year we were able to exceed our normal grant of £2000 with a sum in excess of £3500 to specifically pay for heritage “Brown Signs” to be put up. These are expected to be in place early in the New Year so the Museum will be literally on “the map”.

One consequence of this assistance is that we, as a Committee, review our charging policy on an annual basis. We have therefore concluded that, as it is over 3 years since our last increase, charges for talks will now be £10 per member and £12 per guest from January of 2016.

Sadly this is also informed by the confirmation that our Regimental subsidy towards costs, some £15000 per year, is to be withdrawn from 2019/20. This is a real blow towards the Museums costs and the Friends are committed to assisting financially as much as possible.

It is hoped that, on top of the amounts already donated, that the Friends will be able to make a further donation of £1000 to the Museum in this financial year. I have to stress however that such levels of donation are not sustainable year on year.

Looking ahead to 2016 I can to advise you that we may, and I stress may, have solved our Treasurer vacancy. Full details will be announced when this is confirmed.

That being said we no sooner resolve one vacancy when another arises. Our long standing colleague and friend Bernard Stam has announced his intention to step down from the committee. As an ex-chairman and committee member Bernard has given freely of his time and energies towards the Museum via the Friends and he will be sorely missed.

On behalf of the committee may I express our thanks and good wishes to Bernard and wish him well for the future.

In closing may I thank on your behalf all the members of the Friends Management Committee for their time, effort and input into making 2015 a successful year and I would like to thank you, the Friends, for your continued enthusiastic support.

In closing committee would like to wish everyone the complements of the coming festive season and hope that you all enjoy your lunch here today.

Mr D A Rogan


10th December 2015