This Day In History

  • 1860 Over 10,000 men from all but one unit of the Lancashire Rifle Volunteer Corps (LRVC) take part in a Grand Review at Knowsley
  • 1916 2nd Loyals land at Bagomoyo, German East Africa, to begin advance down the coast to take Dar es Salaam, the German capital
  • 1939 Germany invades Poland, the event which precipitates World War II
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The Museum

The Lancashire Infantry Museum houses one of the largest and most important Infantry Regimental collections in the country.

The Collection
The extensive displays, archive and military history library illustrate the fascinating story of the East, South and Loyal North Lancashire Regiments and their antecedents from earliest foundation in 1689 to the achievements of the ‘Lancashire Lads’ of the 21st Century.

In all no less than 120 separate units are recorded, including the 59 battalions formed by the antecedent regiments during the First World War, and all associated Militia, Rifle Volunteers, Territorials, Home Guard and Cadet units.

Affiliated Museums
The Regimental Collection also has permanent displays in affiliated museums throughout the County Palatine of Lancashire, including:

Museum of Lancashire, Preston
Blackburn Museum
Towneley Hall, Burnley
Warrington Museum