This Day In History: 1945-03-28

Germany. 1st East Lancashires advance on Bocholt. Without orders and in full view of the enemy, stretcher bearer Private W Pickard crosses 100 yards of open ground including 2 ditches and a wire fence, with bullets striking the ground all around him, to reach a wounded man whom he carries back.

3 tanks emerge from a wood and open fire on C Company. Acting CSM Sgt C Hatton, already the holder of a Military Medal, seizes a PIAT anti-tank weapon and works round their flank to a better fire position. The tanks spot him and open fire, but his first shot destroys a Mk 4 Panther. 4 of the crew are killed instantly and he shoots dead the 5th as he tries to escape. He turns to engage the remaining 2 tanks but they are already escaping into the darkness.