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1703 The Great Storm.  HMS Reserve, recently returned from convoying merchant ships to Archangel in arctic Russia, founders at her anchors off Yarmouth. All 175 on board are lost, including the Grenadier Company of Saunderson’s Marines (later 30th Foot and then 1st East Lancashires) . The storm, unprecedented in its ferocity, is one of the most violent ever recorded. Massive damage is caused across the south of England and the Midlands. Hundreds of ships are lost, including at least 13 Royal Navy warships. At least 8,000 people are killed, including upwards of 1,500 Royal Navy seamen and marines.
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Histories of The East Lancashire Regiment

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By Lieutenant Colonel Neil Bannatyne


First published in 1923.  A century and a half of successful service in every quarter of the globe presents a glorious history in itself, and the high character gained in Egypt, in the Peninsula and at Waterloo, has been maintained on the bloody fields of Alma and Inkerman. This is the history of the 30th regiment, from its early beginnings in 1689 all the way to its amalgamation in 1881 with the 59th foot to form the East Lancashire Regiment. The Old Three Tens travelled widely and saw action on many bloody fields, particularly during three significant European wars: the War of Spanish Succession, the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and the Crimean War.

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By Major General Sir Lothian Nicholson KCB CMG


This History, first published in 1936 and compiled by the then Colonel of the Regiment, draws its strength and authenticity from the unvarnished first-hand accounts of the men who were themselves involved.

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First published in 1953.


“Every battle recorded in this History is described by one who took part in it; what the narrative thereby loses in continuity of style and treatment it gains in truth and vividness” – Brigadier J W Pendlebury DSO MC, Colonel of the Regiment 1953

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By H.L Kirby and R.R. Walsh


The story of  ‘Joe’ Bent of the East Lancashire Regiment, who won the VC as a young drummer, went on to become RSM, and remained a popular  and familiar legend in his Regiment throughout his long life.

Regret not currently available due to Museum closure because of the Corona Virus  

By Henry L. Kirby


‘Jock’ Young rescued his Sergeant from No-Man’s Land, then walked half a mile to the dressing station with a shattered jaw and a bullet in his chest. Tragically, he was to die under anaesthetic while they tried to fix his face, thus becoming the only VC winner to die and be buried in Britain during the WWI. This is his story.

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Regret not currently available due to Museum closure because of the Corona Virus